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Media Station

Record and broadcast live class videos over the internet for the Participants who are staying at home or anywhere as well as in the Social Media and allows administrator to add or remove backgrounds/ overlays, and change layouts/ themes

  • Up to 3 Full HD Video Sources Capturing, Mixing, Switching, Recording and Live Streaming
  • HDMI, VGA, RJ-45 and Streaming Inputs
  • Touch-Friendly On-Screen Graphical User Interface
  • Online Director: Easily Add Background Images, Overlays and Change Video Layouts in Video Making
  • ...
  • Wirelessly Connect 4 devices concurrently and can control Laptop and PC using
  • Broadcast Your Mixed Video to up to 2 Platforms Simultaneously
  • Up to 3-inputs Sources Capturing and 4 Recording Video Outputs
  • Built-In Video Manager: Remote Management
  • Available APIs for Software Server Integration

Easy Streaming & Recording