Smart Table

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Auto Track
Touch Point




Pressure support


Adjustable Stand

90 to 20 degree


Smart Table

All-in-One smart table The table offers a single person mode and a group discussion mode by joining any number of tables together for group discussions and project works. The table is thus ideal for single person work as well as group works providing increased collaboration.

  • LAN, Electric Power, Personal Computer, Keyboard, Mouse, and Monitor – the table is a combination of all work station components.
  • A visually artistic with exceptional mobility, design, and functionality.
  • The wires are hidden and managed in an effective way, creating a visually pleasing and clean work environment.
  • Pressure Sensitive Stylus: 2048 levels (Basic) 8196 (Advanced)
  • ...
  • Heavy duty caster with break enables table to move from one place to another ensuring satisfaction
  • Supports Windows Ink protocol
  • Support Auto Palm Disable
  • Windows, Linux and Android Compatible
  • HDMI Video In

Group Discussion Mode