All in One meeting Sound Bar

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Auto Track
Camera resolution




Microphone Pickup Range

360° Omni-directional


+70 dB

IR Back

Conference Speaker and Mic

Integrated HD camera, microphone, loud speaker, DSP and audio processing chip in one. Exquisitely sensitive mic ensure that everyone in the meeting can be clearly heard while stand-alone speakers fill larger rooms with rich, life-like sound.

  • 120°wild filed of vision
  • Easily connect to PC, Mac and ChromeTM device, and no need additional software.
  • Omni-directional (360° pick-up range)
  • Support 4K(ultra HD) 1080p(full HD) and 720p(HD), can match the application and image quality of monitor
  • ...
  • Easy Installation,Potable, easy installation, quickly connect to video conference and provide better solution for video collaborative conference
  • build-in high power loud speaker,which can meet the need of small conference about 5 to 10 persons. AGC control and clear sound quality.
  • Multi-installation choice

Connect with Bluetooth,USB Or Aux