Paperless Classroom

Students can directly interact with their speaker via Audio and also writing by Digitizer Pen or Finger. They can annotate directly on E-book files, make notes or answer test questionnaires directly on the screen without print out their class materials.

IR Back

Offers Paperless Learning and Teaching Environment to the Educational Institutions and Professional Training Labs with digital art, collaborative writing, sharing notes and eco friendly tools.

  • Auto Tracking Camera can precisely lock and track speaker all around the entire Training Lab automatically even when the speaker is writing on IFP or Close up shots.
  • Real time connection with the Interactive Whiteboard to facilitate back and forth handwriting conversation and accommodate huge numbers of participants.
  • Students can write on the same Interactive whiteboard and it will facilitate to show up Host screen (IFP) even on to other participants screen. EMR Pen & Touch Display allows student to Artwork Design, Sketch & Paperless Work. Enable All Participants to See the Close-up View of the Active Speaker.
  • Record and broadcast live class videos over the internet for the Participants who are staying at home or anywhere.

Paperless Training Lab

Speaker autotracking camera always track the trainer so that he/she can move freely all over the Lab/class