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A Work at Home Solution combining conventional way of meeting/teaching with the latest online conferencing platforms. Deliver lectures and meeting with materials straight from printed books, documents, magazines and even live objects. It also brings handwriting or white boarding straight to your computer screens, all these while allowing you to record every minute of your session into one video frame which you can shared or upload into a cloud server for further referencing

IR Back

Delivers speech with contents straight from printed book or live objects and share screen with own handwriting over the latest online conferencing platforms.

  • Compatible with any online conference platform with screen sharing features (Zoom, Google Meets, etc.)
  • Allow lecture and meeting host to share captured or live images from a book or object as a main source of information
  • Integrating conventional way of teaching like books and whiteboard into the current trend of modern teaching techniques.
  • Digital Handwriting support for any application on windows system that features digital pen function
  • Document, Photo and barcode scanning with various file output support

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